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Pear & Almond Cake with Amaretto Caramel Sauce

My toddler loves pears. Which is why I buy them by the sackfuls. Which is also why I always end up with a bunch of pears that ripen all at the same time. There’s only that many pears we can eat per… Read More

Fig Loaf

When your toddler refuses to get within 10 feet of anything that even remotely resembles a berry or dried fruit, you grumble a bit, blame it on her daddy’s genes and then, if you’re like me, you get baking. I find loaf… Read More

Microwave Brownie in a Mug

I’ve made multiple versions of this cake-in-a-mug dessert. And blogged about it once before. It can be found here. It’s truly quick, fast and satisfying. What’s not to love? But why am I blogging about this again? Especially when there are millions of great… Read More

A (Not So) White Cake

This was our anniversary cake. I wanted to make something truly elegant. Something white. So I embarked on an ambitious project. New recipe. New decorating technique. A very tight deadline. Lesson learnt. Never attempt something new when you dont have time and/or… Read More